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According to the needs of customers we produce precision pressing stampings, advanced sheet metal, auto parts and electric enclosures approximately 1000 types. In terms of surface galvanization treatment(zinc, copper, nickel, chromium), hot dip galvanized, the static electricity spurting, painting, the electrophoresis and silk-screen printing, all these have already achieved the international standard.
We have a full set of advanced equipments such as Precision laser cutting machines, machining centers, CNC punching, folding and cutting machines. 500T, 315T, 100T hydraulic press, 400T, 250T, 160T, 100T punch more than 50 sets. Company also equipped with WEDM 20 sets, multifunction welding robots, pneumatic pressure spot welding, electric welding, the argon arc welding, the high-frequency heating equipment, etc in all 15 sets. It is a strong processing capacity, the year productivity can reaches one hundred thousand pieces.
Our company is equipped with a CMM, hydraulic pressure universal testing machines, the metallographic analyzer, the projecting apparatus, the thickness gauge, the salt mist testing machine, the spring pulling force tester, the hardness tester, chemistry chemical examination check-out facility and the electricity aqueduct fluid debugs the Hall meter.

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